GUMMY Bundle

GUMMY Bundle

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The GUMMY Bundle is a unique combination of three exquisite gummy varieties from Nine Realms, each offering a distinct experience:

THCP Gummies: These gummies are specially formulated with a potent concentration of THCP, designed to deliver a powerful and long-lasting effect. With 3 mg of THCP per piece, they are ideal for those seeking a strong and heightened experience.

VERK H4CBD Edibles: A delightful option for those who prefer a milder, yet effective experience. These gummies contain 30 mg of H4CBD each, providing a balanced and enjoyable effect suitable for both new and experienced users who seek mood improvement and brain clarity.

BERSERKR HHC Edibles: With a robust 50 mg of HHC per gummy, these edibles are crafted for the seasoned consumer. The sweet and sour taste, combined with high potency HHC, makes them perfect for those seeking a more intense and fun experience.

Together, this bundle offers a comprehensive range of experiences, from the intense and powerful to the balanced and mild, catering to a variety of preferences and needs.

BUNDLE Contents:

What's in the GUMMY Bundle?

Discover what makes our bundle exceptional with this detailed breakdown of its contents.

Nine Realms

PRO Gummies

The high potency Nine Realms PRO gummies are expertly crafted for experienced users seeking a powerful, smoke-free experience. These Nine Realms Edibles blend exceptional strength with delightful sweet and sour flavors, offering a delicious and potent journey enriched with fruit essences. Each gummy contains 3 mg of laboratory-tested THCP, ensuring a long-lasting and intense effect.

Nine Realms


Nine Realms BERSERKR edibles, designed for discerning consumers seeking a potent and enduring experience. Each of these premium, organic, and vegan gummies contains a substantial 50 mg dose of lab-verified, high-strength HHC, harmoniously blending rich fruit flavors for a potent and enjoyable effect.

Nine Realms

VERK Gummies

Nine Realms VERK edibles offer a harmonious blend of taste and therapeutic benefits, aimed at enhancing mental clarity and reducing anxiety. Each of these low-potency, organic, and vegan gummies combines 30mg of H4CBD with 15mg of CBG. The delightful sweet and sour flavor, enriched with fruity undertones, makes them an ideal choice for those looking to sharpen focus, minimize stress, and elevate their overall mood.

Nine Realms VERK H4CBD edibles on table