Discover the pinnacle of potency with our exclusive collection of Cryo-Infused THCP Flowers, meticulously curated for connoisseurs seeking unparalleled quality and effectiveness. At the heart of our selection lie the esteemed Lemon Cookies and White Widow strains, each cryogenically infused to enhance their intrinsic potency and therapeutic properties.

What distinguishes the THCP flowers from THC flowers?

THCP Flowers stand out due to their molecular structure and potency. With a longer alkyl side chain than THC, THCP offers a higher affinity for cannabinoid receptors, resulting in more potent effects.

How to select the appropriate THCP flower?

When selecting THCP flower, the infusion method is a key consideration, influencing potency, flavor, and experience. Cryo infusion is ideal for those seeking enhanced purity and flavor. Gas infusion is perfect for users prioritizing a potent and uniform experience. Lastly, spraying directly is suited for achieving high THCP levels.

What quantities are the THCP Flowers available?

THCP Flowers are available in 3g, 5g, and 10g sizes to accommodate different preferences and needs. For those interested in larger quantities, Nine Realms offers wholesale options, ensuring access to ample supplies of these premium strains.

Is the THCP flower available in different strains?

Indeed, THCP Flowers come in distinct strains, such as Lemon Cookies and White Widow, each offering unique terpene profiles and effects. These varieties cater to diverse tastes and therapeutic requirements, providing a range of choices for connoisseurs and patients alike.

Do you provide lab results for your THCP flowers?

Each THCP Flower, including Lemon Cookies and White Widow, comes with 3rd party tested lab results. These analyses confirm the flowers' purity, potency, and safety, detailing the precise concentration of THCP and ensuring consumers receive a quality product.

How do I purchase the THCP Flowers?

To purchase THCP Flowers, select your preferred strain and quantity from the options available, including 3g, 5g, and 10g packs of Lemon Cookies or White Widow. After adding the product to cart, provide your delivery information and proceed to the payment. We accept Card Payments, Crypto and Bank Transfer.