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The CARTRIDGE Bundle offers a versatile vaping experience by combining three distinct cartridges: BERSERKR, VERK, and SOVE. BERSERKR caters to seasoned users with a blend of HHCP and HHC, delivering an intense effect. VERK H4CBD provides a balanced, mild experience with its H4CBD concentration. Lastly, SOVE CBD is ideal for relaxation and sleep support, featuring CBD and CBN. This bundle is perfect for users seeking variety and a comprehensive range of effects.

BUNDLE Contents:

What's in the CARTRIDGE Bundle?

Uncover the treasures within: a comprehensive list of what this bundle contains.

Nine Realms

BERSERKR Cartridge

Nine Realms BERSERKR Cartridge, an advanced vaping solution offering a robust, THC-free experience. This cartridge contains 1 ml of superior HHCP distillate, encapsulated within a cartridge made of medical-grade materials and equipped with efficient ceramic heating. It's an ideal choice for those looking for a strong, versatile vaping experience, suitable for both stimulation and relaxation.

Premium Nine Realms Berserkr HHCP vape cartridge with 1 ml high potency
Premium Nine Realms Verk H4CBD CBG vape cartridge for focus with 1 ml liquid
Nine Realms

VERK Cartridge

Nine Realms VERK Cartridge, specifically formulated to assist in sharpening focus and mitigating anxiety without overpowering effects. This THC-free cartridge delicately blends H4CBD with CBG in a 1 ml volume, offering a pleasant taste and user-friendly experience. It's exceptionally suited for individuals looking to enhance their concentration, soothe anxiety, or elevate their mood in a effective manner.

Nine Realms

SOVE Cartridge

Nine Realms SOVE Cartridge is a top-tier product for individuals seeking a natural method to enhance their sleep quality and relaxation. Free from THC, this cartridge skillfully combines Melatonin, CBD, and CBN in a tasteful 1 ml mixture. It provides a smooth, non-psychoactive effect, ideal for easing into a restful sleep, diminishing discomfort, or achieving a state of calm.

Premium Nine Realms Sove CBD Melatonin vape cartridge for sleep with 1 ml liquid