Introducing our supreme HHCP products, embodying the epitome of potency for individuals who crave a powerful cannabinoid experience. Exclusive to our store, these cartridges stand as the zenith of intensity, tailored to meet the preferences of seasoned consumers.

What flavor can I expect from the HHCP cartridge?

The Nine Realms HHCP cartridge boasts a captivating mango flavor, delivering a sweet and tropical taste that complements the powerful potency of the liquid.

What is the potency level of the HHCP cartridge?

The HHCP cartridge features a high-potency liquid with a potent blend of 10% HHCP and 85% HHC, crafted to deliver a strong and intense experience.

How do I use the HHCP cartridge?

The HHCP cartridge is designed for use with M3 battery compatible vaporizing devices. Simply attach the cartridge to your device, and it’s ready for use. Ensure your device is fully charged for optimal performance.

Is the HHCP cartridge suitable for beginners?

Given its extreme potency, the HHCP cartridge is recommended for experienced consumers who are accustomed to high-potency cannabinoid products.

Are lab testing results available for the HHCP cartridge?

Yes, our HHCP cartridges undergo rigorous testing for quality and potency. Lab results can be found by clicking on the button below.

What makes HHCP different from other HHC?

HHCP and HHC are both potent cannabinoids; however, they have distinct profiles. HHCP is recognized for its elevated potency levels. On the other hand, HHC is also potent but may offer a more balanced and manageable experience.