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Elevate your experience with the ultimate BERSERKR Bundle, a premium pairing of our high potency HHC edibles and HHC cartridge, specially curated for the seasoned enthusiast.

Our BERSERKR Bundle is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you prefer the long-lasting effects of our edibles or the quick, intense experience of our cartridge, this bundle has you covered. Ideal for parties, relaxation, or just an intense, flavorful journey, the BERSERKR Bundle is your gateway to unparalleled potency and flavour.

BUNDLE Contents:

What's in the BERSERKR Bundle?

Explore the contents of this exclusive bundle, designed for your needs.

Nine Realms BERSERKR Cartridge

Discover the intense Nine Realms BERSERKR HHCP cartridge: a potent, THC-free vaping experience with 1 ml of premium HHCP distillate. Crafted with medical-grade materials and ceramic heating, it's perfect for a powerful effect, whether to energize or unwind.

Nine Realms BERSERKR Gummies

The powerful and delectable Nine Realms BERSERKR HHC edibles, expertly tailored for the experienced user desiring a strong, lasting impact through a sweet and sour treat. Each organic, vegan gummy packs 50 mg of high potency, lab-tested HHC, blending irresistible fruit flavors with a robust effect.