Quality is non-negotiable in our HHC products. Each item within the collection from MINI and CLASSIC to PRO encapsulates our commitment to providing premium, reliable, and consistently excellent vape solutions. With Nine Realms HHC vapes, expect nothing short of a smooth, delightful, and potent experience with every use.

How do I choose the right HHC vape for myself?

Choosing the right HHC Vape depends on your preferences and vaping habits. For convenience and short term use, consider our Nine Realms MINI vapes. For more prolonged use or richer flavours, our CLASSIC and LIGHT disposable HHC vapes are the ideal fit.

How do I maintain my HHC vape to ensure it lasts?

Maintaining your HHC Vape is quite simple. Store it in a cool, dry place, avoid exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Do not position vape horizontally or upside down for extended amount of time.

Are the Nine Realms HHC vapes suitable for beginners?

Certainly! Our HHC Vape collection caters to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers. The reduced potency and increased flavour in LIGHT edition suits anyone who prefers less overwhelming and more relaxed experience.

What measures are taken to ensure the safety and quality of HHC vape products?

We adhere to stringent production quality control processes and 3rd party testing in certified European labs to guarantee the safety and excellence of every HHC liquid and vape hardware in our collection.

Can I find third-party lab test results for your HHC vape products?

Yes, we believe in transparency and provide access to third-party lab test results for all our products to verify their quality and potency. Learn more about Nine Realms lab results by clicking on the button below.

How do I buy HHC vape products and receive them?

Ordering from our HHC shop is pretty straightforward by adding the your desired products to the shopping cart. With multiple payment options available for your convenience, we also ensure fast and reliable shipping for all our customers in EU.