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HHC Wholesaler

Discover a diverse selection of premium HHC products in our online shop, rigorously tested and approved by multiple European laboratories.

HHC Wholesale

Interested in incorporating Nine Realms HHC products into your selection or partnering with us? Does our philosophy and brand ethos match your own? If so, we cordially invite you to the business customer zone of Nine Realms - a rapidly expanding CBD brand of central Europe.


Supercharge your product with rigorously tested vaping hardware from state-of-the-art factories like CCELL & CILICON+.


We offer wide variety of tested and certified cannabinoid gummies. Limitless flavor, potency and color variations to choose from.



EU grown, harvested and cured flowers. Manufactured responsibly using industry leading equipment & technology.


Interested in buying our products for your landbased/e-commerce shop? Stand out from the crowd & reach out to us in order to receive outstanding service and wholesaler price range.

White label

From the initial idea until you hold your own product in your hands - our experienced team members will make your dreams come true by guiding you through production & certification process.

Private label

Successful brands can trigger concrete feelings within their target groups. Brand awareness supports customer loyalty to a company in the long term.

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OG KUSH X 20% HHC Nine Realms™ CLASSIC (HHC90%,0.5 ml) BERSERKR - EDIBLES (HHC 50mg) ICE CHEESE X 20% HHC Nine Realms™ LIGHT (HHC50%,2 ml)

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