VAPE Bundle

VAPE Bundle

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Nine Realms™ LIGHT (THCP5%,2 ml) (Flavor)
Nine Realms™ PRO (THCP10%,1 ml) (Flavor)

The VAPE Bundle offers a comprehensive vaping experience by combining three exceptional products from Nine Realms: the PRO THCP Vape, the LIGHT THCP Vape, and the CLASSIC HHC Vape.

PRO THCP Vape: This product is designed for those seeking a robust vaping experience. It contains a high concentration of THCP, offering a potent and satisfying effect. The PRO vape is perfect for experienced users who prefer a strong impact.

LIGHT THCP Vape: This vape provides a milder alternative with a 5% concentration of THCP. It's an excellent choice for those who enjoy the benefits of THCP but prefer a lighter touch. The LIGHT vape offers a smooth and enjoyable experience.

CLASSIC HHC Vape: Featuring a high concentration of HHC, this vape provides a unique experience, different from traditional THC products. It's ideal for users looking for an alternative to conventional THC effects, offering a pleasant and effective vaping experience.

This bundle is perfect for those who appreciate variety and want to explore the different aspects of vaping experiences, from potent THCP effects to the more subtle and unique experiences offered by HHC.

BUNDLE Contents:

What's in the VAPE Bundle?

Get ready to be delighted – here's a peek at the amazing products packed into this bundle.

Nine Realms

PRO Vape

Nine Realms PRO, a premium disposable vape device, expertly designed for enthusiasts seeking a stronger THC experience in a compact, travel-friendly form. This sophisticated device, perfectly sized for pocket convenience, is pre-loaded with a 1 ml concoction of THCP isolate and CBD distillate, ensuring a potent and fulfilling vaping journey. Ideal for seasoned users, the PRO model incorporates advanced ceramic heating technology and is lab-verified to contain 0% THC, guaranteeing both quality and compliance.

Nine Realms THCP vape
Nine Realms


Explore a gentler psychoactive experience with the Nine Realms™ LIGHT THCP vape, a premium disposable vape designed for those who prefer a milder touch. This classic design device is equipped with 2 ml of 5% THCP distillate, expertly blended with PG for a smoother and more flavourful vaping sensation.

Nine Realms


Nine Realms CLASSIC, the myth, the legend, the undisputed exceptional product tailored for those seeking the advantages of HHC in a user-friendly format. This THC-free device contains 0.5 ml of high-grade HHC isolate, housed in a sleek and portable design. Ideal for reducing anxiety, easing pain, or unwinding after a busy day, the CLASSIC vape has it all!

nine realms premium disposable hhc vape, arranged in a natural artistic composition