Nine Realms CBG Lavender cannabis flower bud with a 3 gram doypack package and no background
Nine Realms LAVENDER Flower unboxing
Nine Realms CBG Lavender cannabis flower bud with no background
Cannabis flower buds in the rolling tray with rolling papers and pre-rolled joint
Nine Realms CBG Lavender cannabis flower bud with a 5 gram doypack package and no background
Nine Realms CBG Lavender cannabis flower bud with a 10 gram doypack package and no background


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Discover the therapeutic bliss of our Nine Realms Lavender CBG Flower, a premium cannabis product designed to enhance brain function and improve mood without any psychoactive effects. Meticulously cultivated, this unique flower combines the soothing properties of Lavender with the cognitive benefits of CBG (Cannabigerol), creating a harmonious blend for health and wellness.

  • Strain: Lavender, a strain that is celebrated for its soothing fragrance and flavor, providing a therapeutic and enjoyable experience that transcends the ordinary.
  • THC Concentration: Compliant with legal standards, our CBG Lavender Flower provides a safe way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of THC.
  • Concentration: Our CBG Lavender Flower boasts a high concentration of Cannabigerol (CBG), known for its potential in enhancing cognitive functions and contributing to overall brain health.

Why choose LAVENDER X CBG?

Embrace tranquility, experience balance, and elevate your well-being with Nine Realms CBG Lavender - a choice that teleports you to a realm of harmony



Uncover the therapeutic wonders of CBG with our exquisite Nine Realms CBG Lavender cannabis flower. CBG, or Cannabigerol, is the rising star in the world of cannabinoids, renowned for its non-intoxicating and holistic properties that can improve your daily routine. With CBG Lavender, we've crafted a product that truly embodies nature's soothing embrace, providing you with a mental and physical wellness experience like no other.

Female holding pre-rolled joint and man holding lighter with cannabis flower and grinder on the tray
Cannabis flower buds on the table and pre-rolled joint with a lighter


We take pride in preserving the purity of CBG Lavender. Our product contains no additives or unnecessary chemicals, ensuring that you receive the authentic essence of the Lavender strain and CBG's natural benefits which have shown promise in providing relief from a wide range of ailments, including anxiety, inflammation, and pain. Whether you're looking for relaxation, relief or mood improvement, CBG Lavender may be just the right solution.


Cryo Infusion in cannabis is a technique that uses ultra-low temperatures (-30°C to -80°C) to enhance the potency and flavor of cannabis flowers. It involves freezing the flowers and then infusing them with concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes. 

This method preserves the natural compounds, ensures a consistent distribution of infused compounds, and results in a more potent, flavorful, and pure cannabis product. It is favored by cannabis enthusiasts seeking a premium and enhanced experience.

Gas Infusion
While gas infusion is effective, it may not preserve delicate terpenes as effectively as cryo infusion. Additionally, some gas infusion methods may require the use of solvents, which can introduce impurities and affect the overall quality of the final product. This solvent use can raise concerns about purity and potential health effects.

Spraying, although a simple method, can be less consistent in terms of the distribution of cannabinoids and terpenes throughout the cannabis flowers. This inconsistency can result in variations in potency and flavor, making it challenging to achieve uniform quality and damaging the flower. Furthermore, spraying often involves the use of additives and carriers, which can introduce additional substances into the product, potentially impacting its purity and overall naturalness.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is another type of cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. CBG is obtained from young cannabis plants because they contain higher levels of CBG than fully developed ones. Cannabigerol is often referred to as the mother of all cannabinoids. Other cannabinoids start out as CBG and then eventually develop into other cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

While CBG & CBD are both non-psychoactive, meaning that they won’t get you “high.” They have differences. CBG is packed with fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients. CBD also has anti-inflammatory effects but is more potent than CBG. 

As a cannabis-derived chemical, one frequently asked question is if CBG may make you high. The answer is - No. Most people do not feel the intoxication effects of CBG as they would with THC or CBD. 

However, scientific research indicates that CBG has a lot of promise for brain health, which is why many individuals use it as a productivity aid for sharpening focus and attention, as well as mood improvement.

Just like CBD, CBG is considered to be safe. Additionally, The European Commission added Cannabigerol (CBG) as a legal ingredient.