Why You Should Journal While High

Why You Should Journal While High

The plant has a storied history that dates back thousands of years. Cultures around the world have revered this plant for its spiritual, medicinal, and recreational qualities. However, the modern age has presented us with unique ways to harness the cognitive and emotional shifts cannabis and cannabinoids can inspire. One such method is journaling during our elevated states. We've come to believe in the transformative power of pairing this plant with the written word. Here's why:

Capturing Fleeting Thoughts:

The myriad of thoughts that dance through our minds when under the influence of cannabis are as varied as they are fleeting. Journaling offers a platform to crystallize these ephemeral ideas, providing a tangible record of insights, theories, and dreams that may otherwise be forgotten.

Enhancing Self-Reflection: 

The introspective properties of cannabis have long been recognized. When you journal while high, you're given the opportunity to delve deeper into your psyche. With inhibitions lowered, you're more likely to explore and document feelings or ideas you might otherwise shy away from.

Fostering Creativity:

For many, cannabis functions as a muse, nudging the boundaries of conventional thinking. Journaling during these periods can unearth creative solutions to problems, novel story ideas, artistic concepts, or even innovative philosophies about life.

Chronicling Personal Growth:

By keeping a record of your high insights over time, you can look back to observe patterns, growth, and shifts in your perspective. Just as one might chart their personal development in a traditional journal, this unique log provides a fascinating glimpse into your evolving self.

Enhancing Gratitude: 

Cannabis can often intensify our appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. Journaling about these moments of gratitude can serve as a potent reminder of the beauty and wonder that surround us daily.

Crafting Future Roadmaps:

While not all thoughts and ideas conceived under cannabis will be practical or actionable, some might pave the way for future pursuits. Documenting these ideas can offer a blueprint for projects, adventures, and personal endeavors in the sober days to come.

Tips for Successful High Journaling:

Set the Scene: Create a cozy, inviting space where you feel relaxed and inspired. This could be surrounded by soft lighting, calming music, or your favorite incense. 

Choose Your Medium: While a traditional paper journal has its charm, feel free to use digital platforms, voice recordings, or even sketches to document your thoughts.

Go With the Flow: Don't stress about grammar, coherence, or structure. The goal is to capture your authentic thoughts and feelings.

Review Later: After your session, or the next day, revisit what you've written. It's fascinating to see which insights resonate, which make you laugh, and which offer genuine enlightenment.

In conclusion, journaling while high isn't just a novelty—it's an intimate dance with the self, enriched by the kaleidoscopic lens of cannabis. By merging the ancient ritual of introspection with the time-honored tradition of cannabis consumption, we're gifted a unique tool for personal growth and creativity. So, next time you find yourself in the embrace of Nine Realms products, consider putting pen to paper. The revelations might surprise you.