Overcoming the most Common Vaping Challenges: Clogging, Leaking and Hardware Quality

Overcoming the most Common Vaping Challenges: Clogging, Leaking and Hardware Quality

Vaping cannabis has taken the world by storm due to its convenience, discretion, and potency. However, as with any technology, it's not without its set of challenges. The most prevalent issues include clogging, leaking, and poor quality hardware. This blog post will shed light on these common obstacles and discuss some potential solutions to enhance your vaping experience.

Challenge #1: Clogging

Clogging in cannabis vape devices typically occurs when residue from the vape oil or concentrate builds up in the cartridge or mouthpiece. This build-up can harden over time and obstruct the airflow, leading to a diminished or completely blocked vaping experience.

One of the key reasons behind clogs in vapes is the effect of temperature, both inside and outside the device, on the oil. In warmer environments, the oil in a cartridge can become too fluid. On the other hand, colder temperatures can cause the oil to thicken. Both these extremes can lead to unexpected clogging of your vapes airflow.

Cold Temperature

Let's say you're out and about in chilly weather, or you've stashed your vape somewhere cold. The oil in the cartridge likely becomes more dense. This high-viscosity oil poses a challenge to your vapes heating element as it's harder to vaporize, increasing the risk of a clog. Additionally, the cold slows down the movement of this viscous oil, potentially blocking it from reaching the "inlet holes" that allow the heating element to absorb the oil. 

Hot Temperature

Conversely, if you leave your vape in a hot car or in your pocket on a sweltering day, you'll end up with less viscous or "thinner" oil. This low-viscosity oil can move too quickly in the cartridge, even potentially spilling into different parts of the vape mechanism. As a result, the warmer oil can obstruct crucial airflow points and create less-than-ideal conditions for vaporization.

Long Storage

Over time, if a vape cartridge is left unused, "chamber flooding" can occur. Despite the average liquid shelf life of a year, cannabis extract thickens at room temperature. Gradually, the distillate sinks to the bottom of the cartridge, oversaturating and "drowning" the heating core.

Challenge #2: Leaking

Leaking is another common issue that cannabis vape users often face. This typically occurs when the vape oil or concentrate escapes from the cartridge, resulting in wastage and potentially damaging the device. Here are a few common causes of leaks:

Structural Damage

If you're not careful about storing your vaporizer safely during a rigorous activities, or if you accidentally drop it, you may end up damaging the structure of your vape, leading to leaks.

High Outer or Inner Temperature

High temperatures can quickly melt the sticky cannabis extract and speed up its flow. Unfortunately, this could cause your cannabis oil to flood your heating element sooner than expected, resulting in a leak.

Device Position

Owing to air pressure and gravity, cannabis oil may continuously seep into the central tube via the oil inlet hole. If you leave the vaporizer idle in an upside-down position for a prolonged period, you're likely to encounter a leak.

Challenge #3: Hardware Performance Quality

A significant concern that users often voice is the quality of the vape device's hardware. This can include issues with the battery life, the consistency of the heating element, and the overall durability of the device. 

Nine Realms Products

At Nine Realms, we believe in delivering only the highest quality vaping experience. To achieve this, we've strategically partnered with global manufacturing leaders for our hardware needs.

The seal technology used in the devices is designed to prevent leaks, ensures that every drop of cannabis oil remains securely within the cartridge. This superior technology not only safeguards your cannabis oil but also maintains the integrity and longevity of your device.

The ceramic coil technology guarantees consistent and even heating, providing a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. The ceramic coil effectively vaporizes your cannabis oil or concentrate without the risk of overheating, promising a dependable experience with every use.

Understanding the common issue of clogging, our hardware partners have innovatively designed a dual airflow system. This efficient system significantly reduces the chance of blockages and ensures a steady, satisfying draw each time you use your Nine Realms vape.

In our commitment to delivering a premium experience, we've chosen to outsource our hardware from these global leaders, renowned for their use of high-quality, durable components. The robust materials used in each Nine Realms vape not only optimize the vaping experience but also ensure a device that stands the test of time.


While vaping cannabis is an increasingly popular method of consumption due to its convenience, discretion, and potency, it is not without its challenges. Clogging, leaking, and hardware performance are common issues that can significantly impact the user's experience. However, with a mindful approach to the environment where you store and use your vape, along with regular maintenance, these issues can be effectively managed.

Nine Realms, in partnership with global manufacturing leaders has taken these challenges to heart. By utilizing advanced seal technology, ceramic coil technology, and a dual airflow system, we have created a product that significantly reduces the risks of clogging and leakage, while also ensuring a consistent, high-quality vaping experience.

We believe in rising above the common issues faced by the vaping community to deliver a superior, hassle-free vaping experience. Trust in Nine Realms to navigate these challenges and elevate your vaping journey.